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Why have your carpet cleaned by us?

Carpet Cleaning in Bradford is our specialty. Despite regular vacuum cleaning, carpets will become dirty over time and – if you have smokers, children or pets – keeping everything clean can be a constant battle.


Vacuuming  only removes the surface dirt and although the surface will be clean and free of dirt, deep down dirt will be trapped in the carpet fibres which causes the pile to rub against it and wear it down making its appearance look tired and lifeless.

When choosing us as your carpet cleaners in Bradford, we professionally deep clean your carpet, not only will you get a deep down clean you also refresh and restore the carpet fibres; making the pile look like new again! Deep in the fibres of the carpet.

Carpet Sparkle offer a choice of Bronze, Silver or Gold service.

Deep cleaning carpets in Bradford

Bronze – A one stage surface clean, cleans the surface of dust and dirt, our most cost effective clean.


Silver – A two stage clean, using a top range vacuum to take the top layer of dirt, then a deep clean carpet cleaner to get deep in to the pile and clean the deep dirt, dust and dust mites.


Gold – A five stage clean, firstly a carpet rake is used to untangle the pile, then we use a top range vacuum to deal with the surface dust, a pre-clean spray is applied to the carpet which gets to work on the heavy lane areas and soiled patches. The carpet is then cleaned with our professional deep clean machines using the best solutions available. Finally, we have an array of stain removing chemicals, to deal with any remaining marks.

Carpet Sparkle cleaning helps prevent mites, mould and insects.

Deep cleaning your carpets is essential to ensure  your family live in a clean and healthy home


The natural warmth of a carpet and its ability to trap dirt and dust, creates an attractive home for mites and insects to live in and for mould to grow.

The longer insects live in a carpet the more they begin to start eating up the fibres. Mite droppings create dust in the pile, which can be problematic for people with allergy and asthma. Mould problems can also create unwanted nasty odours too.


Using our professional carpet cleaning machines and deep cleaning products helps destroy the breeding ground for insects, mites and fungal contamination – something a traditional vacuum cleaner cannot do.


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